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Material Cylinders, Barrels, Liners

Productions and repairing of material cylinders, barrels and liners
Krauss Maffei / Bühler / Buss / Coperion / ICMA / APV / Leistritz / Maris / Mas / NR / OMC / SHJ / STR / Theysohn / SM Platek / Clextral

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Our company began the production of the barrels with the interchangeable liners for multiple uses. The cooling ducts of the material cylinders have an entrance with the end surfaces, removing the sealing caps to serve them freely and repeatedly. Our specialists can repair the weared barrels successfully. The repairing we do even in that case if the material cylinder has a one-piece design without the removable liner. And so we can give, the second life your weared barrels without to prepare new one.

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