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Inserts and Dispenser's Screws

Production of the insert the degassing and the side dispenser's screw
Krauss Maffei / Bühler / Buss / Coperion / ICMA / APV / Leistritz / Maris / Mas / NR / OMC / SHJ / STR / Theysohn / SM Platek / Clextral

If you don't find the equipments brand, we`ll make an article using your sample.
You can use the screw dispenser like a fully independent unit so together, with others metering devices, that can solve the problem of the complex, multi-component dosing in the different technological processes.

It`s possible to make the screw dispenser, insert the degassing, the screw of the side feeders and dispensers, coupling shafts, spare parts for power reducer, the hopper of the dispensers, degassing's vacuum chambers and many others using the individual specifications

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